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Test nivel Engleza


Acesta este doar un test de identificare a nivelului. Scopul testului este sa ofere trainer-ului mai multe informatii despre nivelul tau actual, pentru ca sedintele de curs sa fie cat mai bine adaptate la nevoile tale.

Te rog sa nu folosesti niciun fel de resurse (dictionare, Google translate, sfaturi de la prieteni, etc.), deoarece folosirea acestora ar invalida rezultatul testului si ingreuna procesul de personalizare a cursului.

Durata test : 20-25 minute

Name Email Phone Number
Kim ________________ from Germany.
This is my friend. _____________ name is Dan.
Alex is ______________.
My sister is ______________ engineer.
_______________ 20 chairs in the room.
Amy ________________ romantic films.
Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ right now.
She _________________ at work last week.
The living room is ___________________ than the bedroom.
Tim is a strict vegetarian. He ____________________ meat.
The car park is _________________ to the mall.
Sue ________________ jogging every day.
They _________________ in the park when it started to rain heavily.
________________ a lion before?
Jane and Kate _________________ pay for the tickets. They’re free.
Dave was ill last week and he _________________ go out.
These are the photos ________________ I took on my trip.
This medieval castle ___________________ by lots of tourists during the summer.
__________________ this great book and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
What I like more than anything else ___________________ at weekends.
We won’t catch the train _________________ we leave right now! Please hurry up!
I don’t remember mentioning __________________ dinner together tonight.
Was it Captain Cook ______________ New Zealand?
You may not like the weather in Scandinavia, but you’ll have to ________________, I’m afraid.
It’s cold so you should __________________ on a warm jacket.
They’re coming over ___________________ Sunday.
I think it’s very easy to ___________ debt these days.
I’m really interested _____________ the results of the election.
I phoned her ____________ I heard the news.
I feel ____________. I really need to go to bed.

Te rog sa scrii un paragraf scurt (4-8 propozitii) despre cartea sau filmul/serialul preferat/a.

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