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Using my linguistic and research skills as well as my cultural knowledge in the target and source languages, I ensure timely translations that convey the original message with precision. I also pay special attention to respecting the overall tone and style of the document.

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Beatrice Scutaru, Marie Curie Research Fellow:

“I have worked with Oana on various occasions. She translated and corrected several of my academic publications, but also résumé and motivation letters. I really appreciated her ability to convey my exact message and to respect my style of writing. In addition, Oana also made sure the translated text was fully accurate and devoid of unnatural phrasing. As I am completely trilingual (French, English and Romanian) I can say without a doubt that she has an excellent command of these languages. Therefore, I called upon her services whenever I needed a professional opinion. Moreover, she also dealt really well with working under tight deadlines, always meeting them, without this affecting the quality of her work. It was and still is a pleasure to be working with someone so passionate and dedicated.”

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