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Oana Mocanu

Personal Language Tutor and Translator

I’ve been a professional foreign language trainer and translator for more than 9 years now. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with people of different backgrounds -in terms of profession, age, culture & nationality - who’ve studied languages with me for a variety of goals – be it to boost their career, get a certificate or feel more comfortable when traveling.

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Success stories

“I write this recommendation for Ms. Oana Mocanu with great enthusiasm. The scope of her work includes translating and redacting technical articles from English into French and vice versa, editing materials and preparing these for publication. She was the main redactor for my Ph.D. Thesis for over a half year. Ms. Mocanu is a very hard-working and motivated professional. The accuracy of her redaction and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning. I can without hesitation recommend Ms. Mocanu for any translating and redacting task or any position that requires in-depth knowledge of French and English.”

Ahmed KHAN ALHASHIMI, Architect engineer at POLYRythmic Architecture, Bordeaux, France

“Oana is a proficient English trainer, very passionate about what she does and she’s entirely devoted to providing impeccable results to her clients. She has excellent communication skills, she’s always very well prepared and organized. Definitely, she loves her job and you can easily observe this by her dedication to make things well. Also, she proves adaptability to make courses enjoyable and flexibility to adapt to my learning needs. She always has a positive attitude and she puts all the effort and passion into her job, thus inspiring me to constantly improve my Eglish and perform to a very high level. Personally speaking, she helps me to leave the comfort zone and the results are very satisfying. I learned many aspects regarding grammar, my vocabulary increased significantly and very important, I become much more confident in speaking.
So, if you decide to learn and improve your English skills, I think she is your best choice!”

Andreea-Geanina Serban, Business Analyst

“I’ve started a French language course with Oana a few months ago and I’m very pleased with the overall quality of the course as well as with the resources and methods used, which are adapted to my level. Right now I feel very confident and I can see I’ve made a lot of progress. Oana is a very well-prepared trainer and an excellent French language speaker; I warmly recommend her to anyone who wants to study the language – to beginners or advanced learners as well as people who want to study professional French.”

Sorin Baruta, Senior Software Developer

“Oana is a talented trainer as well as a dedicated, open and understanding person. Thanks to her, I achieved a very good IELTS mark, even higher than the score I was initially aiming for. As I was training for IELTS with her, I really appreciated the fact that she would continue the training process outside the sessions by sending me emails with highly useful information. The resources used are very well organized, easy to understand and adapted according to the trainee’s needs and interests. It’s been a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her to anyone who’s preparing for IELTS or who simply wants to improve their English language level.”

Laura Felicia Vdovicenco, student

“Oana is a very dedicated trainer. I’ve started the French language course with her 10 months ago. During this time, Oana has helped me with resources and indications concerning everyday language and real-life situations. She adapts very well to each person’s learning rhythm and style and she’s always open to receiving authentic feedback. I’m very pleased to recommend her!”

Andreea Cascaval,Technical UI Lead Developer
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